Flooring Solutions AGREEMENT and Scope of Work                   

1. New Installation:  Before commencing of work and unless specifically purchased in agreement and scope of work, Flooring Solutions is not responsible for securing any loose or undetectable flooring or supports unless specifically ordered or has become part of the agreement.  The client is to make sure that all sub-flooring and its supports are properly nailed down and are securely attached to support beams of the home.  If agreed upon and has become part of the agreement, Flooring Solutions will secure any visible loose sheathing to the supports as necessary.

2. Removal of Carpets:  Flooring Solutions will remove agreed carpeting as per signed scope of work from the work area and client is responsible to discard of carpet and associated debris unless removal of carpet has been agreed upon.

3. Furniture Hauling: Client is responsible for removal or relocation of work area furniture in an area that does not interfere with the installation of the flooring or work space.  All items that are fragile or can be damaged during installation of the flooring are to be removed from the work area prior to Flooring Solutions start of work.  Should small personal items or furniture be left in work area, windowsills, etc., Flooring Solutions does not take responsibility in any damage caused to these personal items or furniture that is left in the work area.

4. Unplug All Electronic Appliances: Flooring Solutions is not responsible and any appliance that are left in work area and does not take responsibility if such appliance requires removal from work area.  Client is to remove all furniture and appliances from work area prior to Flooring Solutions commencing of work.  Flooring Solutions is not responsible for replacing of furniture back into work space after completion of work.

5. Repairs/Re-finishing: Should repair be necessary after sanding for areas that have been damaged due to pet stains, water damage, etc., there will be an extra fee associated to perform an additional repair.  The fee will be based on extent of damage or time Flooring Solutions incurs to perform referenced repair.  The agreed amount will become part of to project cost.

6. Rejuvenating a Floor.  When restoring a floor to its original grain or beauty, it is important to remember that Flooring Solutions will attempt to restore the flooring, but is not responsible to restore to its original state, unless client decides to purchase new flooring and directs Flooring Solutions to attempt to match new flooring to older flooring.  Flooring Solutions does not take responsibility in obtaining exact match of flooring due to available color changes and availability of associated staining.

7. Protective Coatings/Refinishing:  Means protecting new or sanded flooring with new layers of Polyurethane. Flooring Solutions uses three types of finishes: Satin, Semi gloss and High gloss.  The client is responsible for determining desired finish and Flooring Solutions will apply agreed finish to newly installed or sanded flooring.  Flooring Solutions exempts from recommending any type of finish to the flooring to the prospective client.       

8.  Wood Saddles: No wood saddles are included. Unless is mentioned on the estimate, and there will be and extra charge for each saddle that is installed. 

9. Matching New Floors to Old Floors: Flooring Solutions is not responsible to match new or re-fished flooring to and existing flooring.  Due to newer products and color changes to applied coatings or stains, it is almost impossible to match 100% new flooring finish to an existing floor.  Flooring solutions will at the clients request try to match the new flooring finish to the existing flooring finish to the best of their ability.

10. Hand rails. We don’t sand old hand rails. Only stain and refinish new ones. 

11. Base/Wall Molding. No base molding will be removed or new one installed unless homeowner agrees to purchase new molding to be installed.  If new molding is purchased and Flooring Solutions installs new molding, caulking and painting of molding is excluded unless is included in scope of work or signed agreement.   

12. Quarter Rounds/Trim Molding: This molding is recommended when new flooring is installed and the existing moldings or trims remain.  This molding must be purchased separately and is not part of the scope of work unless included in signed agreement or estimate. 

 13. Odorless and non-toxic finish. Water based finishes are environmentally friendly and will not cause harm to occupants of home.  Clint may choose to stay in premises if desired during the finish application. The VOC levels (VOC are atmospheric pollutants that deteriorate air quality) in the applied finished are low and will not harm the occupant of the property or the environment. 

14. Moist effects on wood floors. Wood flooring will always expand (swell) and contract (shrink) due to the various moisture, and temperature conditions that are present in any job site. Wood will shrink (cracks will develop) during heating seasons (loss of moisture), and expand (flooring will grow in width) during humid summer conditions. The amount of shrinkage and expansion will also depend on the width of boards being installed. (The wider the board the larger the cracks in the floor. Wider boards will have a slight cupping appearance). The occasional use of a dehumidifier can assist in minimizing the swelling of the flooring during the humid season.

15. Who should will buy the materials? The flooring or any other materials that are going to be use in a construction Homeowner should make sure to get all warranty paper from factory because things can and contractor wont be responsible for the above mentioned.

16. This work includes labor to perform the above-mentioned items. Price is based on referenced repairs only.  Additional costs may be necessary for any unforeseen or hidden defects.

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