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Hardwood Flooring Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

Pet parents do not have to forgo the aesthetic appeal of hardwood flooring for the sake of their pets. While pets (both dogs and cats) can be tough on the wooden floor, the two can co-exist peacefully with the help of some effective measures. Read on to find some easy tips to maintain a home with dog-friendly hardwood floors.  

Come to terms with the truth

With a pet at home, you certainly need to pay more attention to the hardwood floor installation and maintenance. Be prepared to implement the precautious measures at the right time to receive maximum benefits from your investment.

Note: Apart from the installation perspective, it is important to note that hardwood floors must be vacuumed regularly (use the right attachment) to keep them free of pet hair.

Focus on your pet

If you are looking to adopt a pet dog, opt for a breed that is not too aggressive. Aggressive dogs tend to cause more scratches and damage to the floor. Discipline the dog and have its nails trimmed in order to minimize the chances of damage. Booties for dogs may also work well on calmer breeds of dogs.

Choose wood floors with custom stains and colors

Expert hardwood floor solutions provider will be able offer multiple options in terms of wood colors and stains. Choose one that camouflages the dents and the scratches well.

Opt for tougher finish

Refinish hardwood floors with water-based polyurethane to make the floors completely scratch-free. While this may seem to be expensive initially, the outcomes prove to be otherwise in the long run.

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