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How to determine the cost of hardwood floor refinishing?

One of the greatest advantages of hardwood floor installation is that they can be refinished to rectify all imperfections and make them look as good as new. However, hardwood floor refinishing comes at a cost and the following factors influence the total cost of the project.

Size of the home (rooms)

Homes with larger rooms can be easily refinished by using the large sanding devices and other related materials. However, applying these techniques to smaller rooms can be more complex and the professionals tend to charge an additional amount for the intricate work to be established. In other words, the larger the room space, the higher is the chance of discounts and special price deals.

The need for repair services

If the hardwood floor has too much damage, then the pitfalls must be rectified before getting started with the refinishing project. Obviously, damaged hardwood floors add more to the overall cost of the project. In such cases, it is recommended to hire a company that is well-versed with hardwood floor repair as well as the refinishing task.

Nature of the company hired

The cost of refinishing varies from one company to another based on the experience level, location of the company and expertise of the team. While the highest price quote does not guarantee the best results, homeowners must not let price alone to influence their decision.

Additional services

In addition to the refinishing, if customers are looking for other services like moving the furniture and floor cleaning services, then the cost of the project goes up.

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