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Tips to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Beautiful

Looking for the best way to maintain your attractive hardwood flooring? Well, with today’s advances in wood flooring, wood floor maintenance has never been quite easier. Learning how to clean or maintain hardwood flooring are essential for protecting your beautiful investment. Washing your floors may seem ‘high maintenance’ since dirt and grime can’t hide on hardwood floors just like they can on carpet.

So, follow these simple tips to keep your hardwood floor surfaces clean and wonderful.

Tip #1

Keep Your Shoes Out

Leaving your shoes out protects your hardwood floors from outdoor elements like dirt, grit, water and muck which causes harm to your floors. When you walk on a wooden floor with dirty shoes, you are leaving large amount of sand and dirt behind. These scratchy particles can ruin your hardwood floors. To keep your hardwood floors looking new, have a pair of “House” shoes or slippers which can delicate to indoor wearing only.

Tip #2

Make a Clean Sweep

Removal of dust, dirt, debris and grimes on a daily basis is also a best way to keep your hardwood floors looks beautiful. Never use beater/brush bar to pick up those dust particles from the floor. Make sure to use a vacuum cleaner with floor head or a dust mop before you attempt to wash a wood floor. Prefer using microfiber duster to pick up dust, dirt and pet hair.

Tip #3

Using vinegar

For occasional deep cleaning, the best floor solution for cleaning wood floor is one cup of vinegar mixed with one gallon of water. Dip a clean mop into the solution and let it to damp-dry. Mop the floor in the direction of the floorboards, so that it will not be visible. After mopping, use a soft, clean towel to dry it or let it air dry.

Keep these simple hardwood floor cleaning tips in mind, and make your wooden floors sparkle all the time.

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