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Why Should You Opt For Oil-Based Refinishing of Your Hardwood Floors?

At the time of refinishing your hardwood floor, the most pertinent question that you face is whether you should use oil-based or water-based solutions. It has been proven time and again that oil-based refinishing is much better due to its lesser costs, longevity, and stunning looks. Here, all these benefits are explained in detail to help you in choosing the right products for hardwood floor refinishing in your home.

It Gives Awesome Looks:

If you are looking for a sparkling hardwood floor, then oil-based polyurethane must be included in your list of essentials. The color becomes richer and deeper with time when you refinish your floors with this material. On the contrary, floors refinished with water-based paint tend to become dull and loses its sheen. However, do not expect these stunning results from the beginning because oil-based refinish shows its effects over the time.

It Lasts For A Longer Period:

It is a known fact that oil-based polyurethane has a much longer life as compared to their water-based counterpart. The latter has a lower amount of VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds. Despite being a healthier option, these compounds lower the life of these solutions.

It Is Light On Your Pocket:

The best benefit of choosing oil-based polyurethane to refinish hardwood floors is their low costing. The water-based material is thin and requires double amount to get the desired results.

Things that you must remember while choosing oil-based refinishing for hardwood floors:

  • Never use this material on gray tainted or white floors because it may cause discoloration.
  • Use proper gear while applying this paint on the floors.
  • Keep the doors and windows open for removing the harsh smell of oil-based paint.

With these factors in mind, you can easily make a selection of best quality oil-based polyurethane for refinishing your hardwood floors.

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